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Natural Distilling Co Donates Sales to Lifeline

Regular subscribers will have followed (and voted on) our journey over the past few months to choose a beneficiary for our annual “giving back” campaign.

With 86% of the vote, Lifeline Gippsland clearly took preference.  

We’ll be honest – some people expressed confusion and even consternation that we, an alcohol distilling company, would support an organisation that supports mental health. The links between substance abuse and depression are undeniable. For us, that doesn’t mean putting our heads in the sand – that means responsibly acknowledging that there’s a time and a place for a drink, and a time for a break. Sadly, when times are tough, sometimes having a drink can feel like the only break we can get. Lifeline is there to help you break the cycles which are bringing you down and help get things back on track.

As reported in The Conversation earlier this week, “In August, calls to the 24-hour crisis support service Lifeline Australia peaked at 3,505 calls per day – the highest number of daily number of calls in its 58-year history. Since the start of this year, 694,400 distressed Australians have called Lifeline for help, often for issues relating to economic hardship, relationship breakdowns, loneliness, and self harm. The call numbers in September stayed just as high, and were 30% higher than the same time last year.”

Our customers’ contribution is a drop-in-the-ocean compared to what’s needed, but we’re still immensely proud that we can send some much-needed funds their way.

Michelle Possingham (CEO of Lifeline Gippsland) sent us a video which you can view here, and also had the following to say:



The staff and volunteers at Lifeline Gippsland extend a heartfelt thank you to the legends at Natural Distilling Co for your generous donation to our organisation. We were thrilled to be chosen by our community, particularly given that we were in such good company with wonderful services that support Gippsland.
Unfortunately, the funding we receive to provide the 13 11 14 crisis support line only goes about one-quarter of the way towards the cost of running it. Not only that, but the COVID pandemic has had a devastating impact on our capacity to generate our own funds that make up the difference. Most people will be aware that it’s been a tougher year than usual with restrictions closing our op shops and reducing or completing halting our other income streams – after all, we’ve all lived through this together!
So, what will the donation do for Lifeline Gippsland?

Your generous support will help Lifeline Gippsland continue to respond to calls to the 13 11 14 Telephone Crisis Line, which, due to the impact of every crisis that has hit Gippsland and Australia this year, has received more calls this year than any year before in our 58 year history. People are hurting, and we are committed to ensuring that no one has to face their darkest hour alone. The support of Natural Distilling Co has played an integral role in helping us to meet this challenge."

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