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Incorporating Superfoods into Your Diet – Wellness & Wellbeing

There’s something intuitively appealing about superfoods and the idea that eating certain foods can turbo charge your wellbeing. But most people can’t live happily on bowls of kale and flax seeds alone.


No single food provides all the nutrition, health benefits, and vitality we need to sustain ourselves. 2015–2020 US Dietary Guidelines advise healthy eating patterns, “combining healthy choices from across all food groups — while paying attention to calorie limits.”


Most people who successfully incorporate natural superfoods in their diet do so using superfoods as additions or substitutes in their regular diet. It’s easy to add a handful of walnuts to your porridge every morning. They mix nicely alongside the honey and banana you’ve already added. It all tastes good and it’s no extra effort.


New natural superfoods are continually emerging. You may have heard a lot about spirulina, the blue green algae sold as a supplement in the health food aisle or chemist. Hyped as a nutritional powerhouse, these days it’s hard to miss. Spirulina comes from salt water and fresh water lakes in warm climates. Aztecs are believed to have been the first to harvest and dry spirulina and use it as a food supplement.


Clearly, spirulina packs a lot of punch, like protein, B vitamins, and iron. Spirulina is also reported to fight allergies, promote weight loss, and reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety. It’s kryptonite however is its chalky texture and fish food like smell in tablet form, which some health conscious consumers find hard to stomach.


Hemp is of course our baby and is being described as a “rockstar” of the superfood world. Hemp is extremely rich in protein containing all twenty-one amino acids. Hemp is also packed with fibre, low in carbohydrates and gluten-free. Hemp oil is rich in healthy fats and has what’s said to be the perfect Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. Hemp is versatile and can be ingested as an oil, infused liquid, or powder.


And while people have traditionally consumed hemp in food, our hemp gin and vodka is proving it can also be drunk. 


This too is a step up from the usual practice of infusing hemp leaves in herbal tea or adding some hemp protein powder or seeds into a smoothie. While both are super healthy and natural ways to derive benefits from hemp, The Natural Distilling Co creates unique flavours through our craft vodka and craft gin.


Superfoods and alcohol may not naturally link together in many people’s minds, and let’s be clear alcohol is not healthy. Doctors and scientists have long debated over a responsible intake of alcohol having some positive health effects.


And it tastes a whole lot better than a bowl of almond flour.


It’s not rocket science, or even a big effort. Improving your life through incorporating superfoods into what you normally eat and drink, starts with a few small steps.


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