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How Natural Hemp Production Supports a Biodynamic Future, Free from Herbicide & Pesticides

What does ‘biodynamic’ farming entail and how can you support sustainability? How do Herbicides and Pesticides affect a previously organic crop? Is fertilizer harmful to soil or the consumer of a plant? 

Biodynamic = Environmentally Friendly Organic Food  

Nature's ability to independently reproduce is incredible. For long-term sustainable agriculture, it should be embraced in the contemporary environment. Put simply, ‘Biodynamic Farming’ utilizes the natural reproduction and long-term sustainability of produce! Think of the seeds of a mandarin, replanting a new mandarin tree without using any additional man-made chemicals or pesticides – a natural food chain.


This biodynamic farming style is amongst the most well-known of organic farming systems. It’s also considered the most ethical and ecological way to farm, as it dates back centuries to the first-ever seed-based crops that we still enjoy today. The term biodynamic came from Rudolf Steiner, who recognised the method an environmentally friendly way to grow organic food sustainably using methods such as crop rotation. You’ve probably heard of biodynamic wine, which has become fashionable in recent years – as far as we know, we may be the only biodynamic gin & vodka producers in Australia (perhaps the world?).  


Supporting the ethical production of hemp on our farm through organic, pesticide-free hemp is a key to being a part of the solution. My own degree in Biological Science alongside my family’s traditional farming background (going back many generations) are just some of the crucial elements which allow us to successfully engage in sustainable agriculture, creating food products which are uniquely delicious.


What are pesticides? 

Herbicides and pesticides are a class of weedkiller, utilized to minimize wastage or the impact of insects on a specific crop, traditionally sprayed on to reduce the presence of weeds throughout a crop. Herbicides are chemically composed of synthetic forms of a plant’s natural hormones which are intended to remove weeds and unwanted growth.  


Pesticides are essentially “pest control” poison to ensure the growth of just the desired crop and not the unintended, invasive pests. Unfortunately, the utilization of these synthetic products when farming implies chemically altered, non-organic produce. 


However, since hemp itself is a form of “weed”, it requires no pesticide or herbicide to grow! How do you think it got the name weed in the first place? Because it grows like one.


Sustainable biodynamic organic pesticide free hemp spirits.jpg

Are fertilizers ethical & sustainable?

 Fertilizers are applied to a crop to ensure and boost the growth of the plant through soil fertility. Fertilization can be organic and biodynamic through utilizing farm-based wastage such as cow manure to extract the rich nutrients from the manure to the crop, which is a form of organic fertiliser. In fact, many of our farm practices work in a similar closed loop manner – we ensure nothing is wasted, and many of our by-products work wonderfully as organic fertilisers.


Synthetic fertiliser utilizes minerals or chemically applied compounds to a crop to boost growth yield or efficiency. If you’re buying fertilisers or weed killer from Bunnings in Australia, keep an eye on the label – natural/organic pesticides may be available too, which can help a lot with soil health if you’re concerned about pest management.


We at the Natural Distilling Co are champions of organic and natural production of hemp – we support 100% organic farming of this naturally beautiful and abundant plant. Utilizing the natural terpenes of this “weed” ensures that pesticide or herbicide is not required. Hemp itself reproduces seeds biodynamically through the natural reproduction of the hemp plant. 


Natural Distilling Co has a commitment to utilizing this beautiful plant in creative ways to cultivate its natural flavours and terpenes in diverse ways. Check out our Gin and Vodka range here and we guarantee that you’ll taste the different that comes from sustainable farming – or if you want to get even closer to the action, join our Founder's Club to receive big discounts! 


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